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Ed Pearson, STAR COO and Marketing Expert


Ed Pearson is Chief Operating Officer of STAR, Inc.  He graduated from Wright State University in 1994 with a BS in finance.  For a decade, he ran a small business with 25 employees, achieving high growth in sales and earnings.  He has extensive experience in sales and marketing.  For STAR, he has been our liaison with Air Force and DARPA customers, including our advanced Phase III program for EDDE, and led evaluations of our program for DARPA/TTO.  He also has experience with Air Force Space Command in Colorado Springs, where he presented the EDDE program in the delivery of “bodyguard” satellites for Air Force assets in LEO.  He also has extensive knowledge of investment banking, funding sources, venture capital, space development for EDDE, and operations with the Department of Defense.  He will use that experience to integrate our operations with end users, especially in DOD, and in coordinating our debris removals with the Department of Commerce and with the FAA to obtain the required operational approvals.