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Senior Scientist, STAR, Inc.
Current Research:
Electrodynamic propulsion, debris removal and recycling, satellite servicing.

Ph.D. in Physics and Mathematics, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia 


    1999-Present, Senior Scientist, STAR, Inc.

Selected Research Projects:

    2009-present, ElectroDynamic Debris Eliminator (EDDE), Dynamics and Control Analysis
    2009-present, Tethered Electrodynamic Propulsion CubeSat Experiment, Naval Research Laboratory
    2008, Tether Dynamics Analysis, Schafer Corporation, Air Force Research Laboratory
    2007, Low Altitude Tether System, Naval Research Laboratory
    2006, Formation Flying With Photon Thrusters: Tether Dynamics Aspects, NIAC Study
    2005, Dynamics of the Momentum Exchange Electrodynamic Reboost System, Marshall Space Flight Center
    2005, Lunar Tether Transport, NIAC Study
    2004, Dynamic Analysis of the Submillimeter Probe of the Evolution of Cosmic Structures, Naval Research Laboratory
    2001, Electrodynamic Delivery Express: Dynamics and Control, Air Force Research Laboratory
    2000, Dynamics Analysis of the Mir Electrodynamic Tether System, Tether Applications, Inc.


The book “Dynamic Analysis of Space Tether Missions” (AAS, 2007) is the world’s definitive works on tether dynamics.
    4 patents on electrodynamic propulsion methods and structures