Position:  President, Star Technology and Research, Inc.

Education:  BS, Engineering Science, Washington University (1961); MS, Geology, Wright State University (1977)

Experience:  Mr. Pearson has a distinguished record of over 34 years in the performance and management of aerospace research and development for the Air Force and NASA, and 2 years as president of a small business performing research in aircraft and spacecraft.  He has 10 years of experience supervising scientists and engineers and managing major experimental facilities.  He has managed major contractual and in-house R&D resulting in recognized advances in the state of the art in structures, dynamics, vibration, and acoustics.  He has been Vice-Chairman and Coordinator of the Materials and Structures Committee of the International Astronautical Federation, and is responsible for the materials and structures technical program of the IAF Congress.

From 1971 to 1997 he was a project engineer and later branch chief for the Air Force Research Laboratory, where he developed active and passive vibration control for aircraft, spacecraft, and space-based lasers.  He represented the AF on the DoD Shock and Vibration Information Analysis Center, where he organized, hosted, and chaired several Shock and Vibration Symposia, and on the Fixed-Wing Air Vehicle Technology Program for DoD and NASA.  From 1962 to 1971 Mr. Pearson was a research engineer for NASA.  At Langley, he performed dynamic analysis for the lunar “staff” for the Apollo astronauts, and at Ames he tested active vibration control of Atlas and Titan II launch vehicles.  He received the NASA Apollo Achievement Award in 1969.

He is author of over 75 technical publications, including an invited book chapter, 14 invited articles, and two US patents.  He is an Associate Fellow of the AIAA and a technical reviewer for the AIAA Journals.  Mr. Pearson invented the space elevator and performed original work in unique launch systems and SETI.  In recognition of his outstanding technical accomplishments, he was elected to the International Academy of Astronautics in 1997.

Professional Awards:
* Elected to the International Academy of Astronautics, 1997
* Dayton Area Federal Managerial Employee of the Year, 1993
* AFRL Structures Division Manager of the Year, 1990
* AFRL Structures Div. Supervisor of the Year, 1986; Engineer of the Year, 1980
* Tau Beta Pi "Eminent Engineer” Award, 1979
* AF Systems Command Scientific Achievement Award, 1974

Selected Publications:
“Low-Cost Launch Systems for the Dual-Launch Concept,” IAA-00-IAA.1.1.06,
  presented at the 51st International Astronautical Congress, Rio de Janeiro,
  Brazil, 2-6 October 2000.
Dual-Launch Concept Study, Ball Aerospace Final Report for Darpa, July
ElectroDynamic Delivery Experiment (EDDE), AFRL-VS-TR-2000-1029, with
  Joseph A. Carroll and Eugene M. Levin, SBIR Phase I Final Technical Report,
  April 2000.
“Lightweight Structures in Space,” with Keith Denoyer, IASS/IEAust/LSAA
  International Congress, Sydney, Australia, 5-9 October 1998.
“Konstantin Tsiolkovski and the Origin of the Space Elevator,” 48th
  IAF Congress, Torino Italy, October 6-10, 1997, paper number IAF-97-IAA.2.1.09.
“The Air Force Shock and Vibration Story,” with Douglas Henderson,
  Chapter 3 of Fifty Years of Shock and Vibration, DoD Shock and Vibration
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"High-Temperature Acoustic and Vibration Test Facilities and Methods,"
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“Method and Apparatus for Orbital Plane Changing.”  US Patent
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Acta Astronautica, Vol. 2, pp. 785-799, Sep/Oct 1975.